We name the Frost Design Language System: Aurora. One of the biggest successes of this project was the collaboration of all the team involved. We used various technics, such as pair designing and mob designing.

Auroras are caused by the collision of charged particles. Like this design system, born out of the collision of creative minds to create something beautiful.

Design Principles



We believe in good taste and visual sophistication. We know our heritage and build a narrative around beauty through art, photography, architecture and design.


We believe that simplicity can say more by saying less.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”


We look forward with excitement and optimism. Our design language is illustrative, approachable, and friendly.


Our expression is bold and distinct. We’ve built a timeless design language around principles of simplicity and structure. We say more, by saying less.


We reduce the clutter, turn of the noise and design experiences that communicate well, while driving interaction.


Guidelines to Inform our Design



We design for societal and human impact

Each interaction with a digital touchpoint within the Frost Bank eco-system will reinforce customer trust and contribute to the greater good for everyone’s benefit.


We guide our customers toward financial wellbeing

Frost is actively helping customers making better financial decisions. Guidance and support is felt through the experience.


We anticipate customer needs and respond proactively

Frost can help offer a more customized and unique customer experience  by understanding and anticipating usage patterns. The experience adapts based on contextual needs.


We break barriers to understanding by reducing noise and friction

Frost is speaking in a language that is understandable and approachable. We take the jargon out of banking to drive inclusion and diversity in the customer base.


We forge deep relationships built on trust and empowerment.

Frost will provide the tools and insights needed for customers to empower customers. We always win together.