UX Review Ceremony

The UX Design Review is designed so that UX Designers get early constructive feedback from tribe members on their design work. It is an opportunity to share designs across to all team members (including stakeholders and product owners) prior to development. 

The presenting designer will have the opportunity to give context and show how he or she arrived at their design.

Scheduling:  The facilitator should schedule a meeting with the UX team and PO team.


  • Present visuals and materials that explain the background of the design. Show your work! Keep the presentation simple and visual. If providing a slide deck, keep it simple, disregard the use of animation and flashy color. Allow the design of the product be the star. 
  • Provide sticky notes and markers for feedback. Use one color for UX team and a different color for PO team (optional). Place sticky notes and markers at each seat.
  • Print out the designs and tape to white boards. Cover them or post far from presentation, so feedback can be provided later in the Design Review. 
  • Provide a visual of critique vs. criticism
  • Provide a kanban board of ceremony agenda
  • Provide a visual of ceremony rules

Facilitation.  A facilitator is selected in advance and prepares the room and materials for the Design Review. 


The role of the facilitator is to:

  • Prepare the room
  • Moderate the session
  • Remind participants of the rules and critique vs. criticism
  • Keep track of time and update the kanban 

Facilitator should allow the Design Review to move smoothly and on time.

Presenting Designer  

The presenter should represent their design along with the context to how they arrived to that design.


The participants will listen to the presentation and take notes during the presentation. They will remain silent during the presentation. They will give feedback once presentation is completed and open feedback and conversation begins.

The Design Review consists of explanation of arrived design and the design itself. After the presentation the forum is opened to feedback from participants.


The facilitator welcomes the participants and states the goals of the Design Review, ground rules, and critique versus criticism statement.

The facilitator should remind the participants to ask exploratory questions and not to attack the presenter and not get defensive; we are all here to learn.

Design Presentation. (Approximately 15-20 minutes)

The designer frames their work with the following:

  1. I am showing [early/mid/late] work of 
  2. Around [the problem]
  3. Because [why is it a problem]
  4. And am looking for feedback around [specific focus for feedback]

The designer should take the participants on their journey. The designer shows their designs to the participant discussing the elements of the design.

The designer should close the presentation with what is next for the design (i.e. visual design, usability testing, development, etc.)

Feedback. (Approximately 30-40 minutes)

Feedback is written on post-it notes and placed on the design printouts. As participants are posting feedback, the facilitator, groups like feedback together.  

Once participants finish posting feedback, the presenting designer goes through the post-it notes with participants. The designer should answer questions and/or have open discussion with the participants.

During the feedback session the facilitator will keep track of time and keep discussion on topic.


Facilitator thanks participants and asks them to retrospect on their way out.