Design Language System

Client: Frost Bank
My role: Design Director
Project duration: 7 weeks


The problem:

The bank's website was lacking a consistent style, which was confusing users. With a new brand initiative on the horizon, the bank wanted to update its visuals to integrate the old with the new.


The challenge:

My team’s objective was to create an overall design language system with a set of interaction and visual design rules that achieve consistency across a variety of digital products to deliver optimal experiences over the various platforms. Specifically we needed to:

  1. Unify components that can be reused in different combinations,
  2. Manage design at scale
  3.  Maintain a library of visual and interactive patterns.


The solution:

I pulled together the best designers from a variety of specialties to help convey the Frost Bank story in a beautiful and artistic way. Together with Frost's branding team, my design team set out to create a new, bold design language system. We established a shared set of principles and patterns that allows for rapid iteration using a collaborative vocabulary across design, engineering, and other disciplines.

The result is a scalable design language system that helps Frost re-establish itself as a true digital design leader, taking existing and prospective customers into a new era of personal banking.


Other Credits:

Frost: Hani Khan - Senior UX Designer, Bridget Blankenship - UX & Visual Designer, Kevin Domingo - UX Designer and Illustrator, Denise Farrell - Product Owner, Angel Jimenez - iOS Developer

McGarrah Jesse: Stephanie Cain - Lead UX Designer, Jesse Farris - UX Designer


Frog: Andreas Markdale - Exec. Director - Design, Jon Freach - Exec. Director - Design, Natasa Lingurovska - Senior Program Manager, Scott King - Exec. Director - Strategy, David Dale - Visual Designer, Ashley Duban -Visual Designer,  Esther Amaku - Design Intern, Meggan Webber - Senior Visual Designer, Andrew Vanhyfte - Visual Designer