My Teams

UX Team

I built the UX team based on talent. Since each member would be responsible for their own contribution as well as the finished product, I wanted people who could explain their design process and articulate it well. I found a strength in each designer that set him or her apart from the others. My team included a researcher, visual designer, multi-tasker, layout and hierarchy guru, strategist, and marketer.

Each member of the team has individual goals, but everyone works together to achieve the group's projects.


Superstar Team

I developed a rigorous onboarding process at Frost Bank, with four levels of designers. New hires start at the T level and develop their skills to eventually become TT. Next, members of the team are paired to identify strengths and work on areas that need improvement. Feedback is constantly shared throughout the development process to help each person achieve his or her goals.



My team is comprised of creative and happy people who enjoy working together and choose to spend time together outside of work as well. Each person goes to work with a unique drive and designs for a greater purpose.