The Problem:

Frost Bank was having trouble attracting enough qualified job applicants.

The Challenge:

Frost Bank's interview process, as well as their onboarding program for new-hires, needed an overhaul. Specifically we identified that Frost lacked:

  1. Designated hiring teams. There was no staff member specifically trained in how to interview candidates.
  2. Effective candidate questioning. Frost was not asking applicants the right questions, nor were they asking questions consistently of all candidates.
  3. A system for evaluating the best candidates. Frost needed to be more selective in the candidates they interviewed and hired.

The Solution:

After extensive research, I developed a two-day process to hire new employees. This includes:

  • Day 1: The hiring manager and a senior person from the hiring team assess the skills that are needed for the position.
  • Day 2: The collaborative team interviews candidates to look for the soft skills the job requires.