Xio, a design leader.

There’s a point in everyone’s childhood where they discover they have a talent. For some people it’s singing, for others it’s sports, sometimes dance and for a select groups it’s art. Sitting at the dining table starting at her mom cook their nightly Puerto Rican supper of plantains and pork whatever Xiomara began to draw her mom busily preparing the family meal. While trying to draw people isn’t unusual for a child, after one look at her artwork it was clear that at the age of 6, Xio had found her talent. 

Growing up as a Spanish and English speaker now living in Germany, Xio often found herself unable to communicate well in the country she lived. Because she did not speak the language, Xio found herself observing human behavior and body language. Through this observation she began to find that she had an ability to understand why people behaved the way they do without needing to know what they were saying.

Through this skill for observation Xio’s career took her into the world of user experience design. She started this journey as a graphic designer and has since made her way to a design leader, spending the last few years building up the in-house design team of a well renowned regional bank, where she now leads a team of hand-picked designer. Most of her day is spent mentoring her design team and strategizing how to implement good design in the midst of the competitive world of retail banking, but she still finds time to get her hands dirty designing.