After researching the how to hire the best employees, I quickly learned that there were many parts of the entire process broken. Starting from how Frost positions themselves in the market, the recruiting, the interview, and the onboarding process were all areas that needed improvement. 


Research methods:

Read Work Rules by Laszlo Bock

Took a road trip to Austin IBM’s Design Studio (we spoke to HR, hiring managers and team)

Interviewed consultants

Competitive analysis on best practices from Spotify, AirBnB, and August

Interviewed people from the department (at least one person from each role)

Attended a workshop at Lean Startup by



People need to know our collaborative working environment

Candidates must have hard and soft skills (with soft skills being almost more important)

We don't market ourselves well enough as a bank and tribe (We don’t get enough qualified applicants)

We don't have anybody trained on interviewing skills — other companies have special teams that interview candidates

We are not asking the right questions and we are not consistent

We are not doing anything social to know the candidate deeply

We have to be picky and look for people who aren’t necessary looking a job to hire the best




I developed a two day process to hire new employees. The first day for the hiring manager and a senior person from the hiring team to assess the skills that are needed for the position. The second day is for the collaborative team to interview for the soft skills that are needed for the position. 


UX Built:

The UX team I built was based on all the talents that we needed in our team. As I brought people in I wanted people that could explain their design process and articulate it well. Everyone on the team would be responsible for the entire design process, but they would be specialized in one area more than others. I found a strength in each designer that was different than others. I found a researcher, visual designer, multi-tasker, layout and hierarchy guru, strategist, and marketer.


The team organically works together on their projects and although they have their own projects they leverage each other to complete their tasks. 


No Drama Zone:

The team works well together and spend time together outside of work because they like each other that much. They are a team of super creative and happy people. They go to work with a drive and design for a purpose.



UX Development Plans

All Designers have a development plan in which it incorporates the