Our team’s objective was to create a design language system with an overarching scheme and set of interaction and visual design rules that guide the design across an ecosystem of digital products to deliver optimal product experiences on the various platforms.

To unify components that can be reused in different combinations, manage design at scale, and maintain a library of visual and interactive patterns.


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Design Language System

Building a design team that executes research, user experience designs, visual and interactive design

Unifying a brand through radical collaboration


Design Director
I lead the effort by being the bridge of collaboration from the Frog Design team, McGarrah Jesse, and the in-house Frost Design team.

While keeping an environment that is creative, inspiring, fun —yet productive, pulling designers from the Frog, McGarrah Jesse, and Frost onto one table to create the design language system was a challenge but the collation of talents created magic. I pulled together the best designers from UX, brand, and illustrators. The inspiration was to be thinking about our communicating the Frost story and also thinking about utilitarian areas. We aimed for beautiful artsy and craftsmanship and also intelligent, simple, useful experiences. 

I informed new thinking in marketing and ad collateral to include, new signage, space, and print materials.

The best and brightest: 


Hani Khan
Senior UX Designer

Bridget Blankenship
UX & Visual Designer

Kevin Domingo
UX Designer and Illustrator

Denise Farrell
Product Owner

Angel Jimenez
iOS Developer


Andreas Markdale
Exec. Director - Design

Jon Freach 
Exec. Director - Strategy

Natasa Lingurovska
Senior Program Manager

Scott King
Exec. Director - Strategy

David Dale
Visual Designer

Ashley Duban
Visual Designer

 Esther Amaku
Design Intern

Meggan Webber
Senior Visual Designer

Andrew Vanhyfte
Visual Design


Stephanie Cain
Lead UX Designer

Jesse Farris
UX Designer